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the fd effect

The FD Effect is our own methodology, that will help our team's development, based on the combination of 4 pillars:

Technical and tactical skills improvement

Emotional and Psychological support

Teamwork & Communication

Community and family


Technical and tactical skills improvement

Based on our methodology our training will work in different aspects depending on the age. For the first stage, players between 3 to 7 years old will be introduced to soccer, work in all the basics through a curriculum designed to develop the skills of each player and maximize their confidence and creativity. Then, at ages between 8 and 10, they will work on technical resources and between 11 to 13 years old the focus will be on developing tactical skills. From the age of 14 and up they will have high-performance training sessions.We adapt to the individual level of each player, developing a short and medium-term work plan, in which you can observe their evolution through training.


The main aspects our teams will be working on during the different age groups are:

-  Motor Skills and Coordination.

-  Control and Passing

-  Anticipation in attack and defense.

-  Efficient Possession of the ball.

-  Concepts and Roles

-  Decision Making

-  Shooting.

Emotional and Psychological support


Our coaches and staff will be motivators working every practice and game in developing the confidence in every player and offering emotional support to their teams.


Teamwork & Communication

During the practices our drills will help FD teams strengthen their relationships, players will be bonding. Our methodology is guaranteed to build trust, camaraderie, teamwork and communication among our players.

Community & Family

Family support is fundamental for our players. At FD our soccer moms and dads are always outside the fields encouraging our teams with a big smile.

We are a family-oriented club with a positive ambiance, where the parents and rest of the family support their kids during games and practices. We make friends, we are a good community, we help each other, we have fun together, we use the same jersey, we have the same goal and we are a big family.

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