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FD Futbol club story

A couple of years after opening Free Kick Orlando, an indoor soccer facility near Downtown Orlando,  the owners Gerardo Lopez and Nicolas Martinez, two cousins who are experts in Sports Management, decided to start a youth soccer academy called Free Kick Soccer Academy.  Then that academy stopped for a couple of months due to the pandemic and they started planning a bigger and more ambitious project because they wanted to be back stronger than ever.


They started to think big, they wanted their recreational academy to become a prestigious and competitive soccer club, so they worked on a new name, image, uniforms, equipment and started developing a new methodology with the help of specialists, hired a qualified staff including professional coaches and they planned everything for the season.

That's how FD Football Club started,  a family-owned organization established in 2020 , that was born with the main goal of promoting and teaching all age levels of youth soccer in Orlando. It was born to be a model club, oriented towards excellence, with a long-term project based on individual skill development, teamwork, game concepts and sportsmanship, so that players reach the highest level possible in the game and in life.


FD "Florida Dynamo" is a new club, in a year it has many achievements, hundreds of youth soccer players joined the club and trusted in the project.

Our journey is just starting and the best is about to come. If you want to be part of this awesome story REGISTER HERE

Let's make history together!

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